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Estate Planning Fundamentals for Washington & Idaho Residents

Josh presented this webinar recently, so it is still “fresh.” You may watch this 90-minute webinar – and read the slides and absorb the information – at your own pace, pausing and taking notes as you wish. It should work on nearly any computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. At the end, you will feel far more prepared for estate planning and be all ready for your initial meeting with Josh!

Please note: this password changes periodically; if yours no longer appears to be working, simply give us a call at (509) 758-3345 or email damian@mckarcherlaw.com for an updated password!

Thank you for watching our Estate Planning Fundamentals webinar!


After viewing, please click here to access our estate planning questionnaire. Completing this form is the next step to making an appointment with us. You can complete it on paper, or on computer; and return it to us however you wish, by email, mail, fax, or dropping it by our office to meet our team in person.


Or, if you are “techy,” the best option is to email or call to let us know you have your questionnaire completed, setup your initial meeting appointment, and ask them to setup your “client portal.” All you need is an email, and you will be able to upload to us your completed questionnaire (and any other confidential documents, such as bank or IRA statements, etc.) by secure upload via our client smartphone app or client website. Clients are loving this new option!


We can then schedule your 90-minute meeting either in-person or, if you wish to move quickly, we can often meet with you quicker via videoconference (which works far better than you may think!). Feel free to call the office with any questions: (509) 758-3345.


Thank you for trusting us with this incredibly important legal work. We look forward to working with you!

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