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Although we do not accept credit or debit cards, we now accept electronic ACH payments from personal or business checking or savings accounts via the following secure links. Please select the amount outlined in your engagement agreement or other correspondence with McKarcher Law. Contact our office if you experience any issues.

Initial flat fee for estate planning matters
(per engagement agreement)

Initial estate planning meeting fee
to be applied to future fees)

Initial minimum fee for non-planning matters:

If you wish to authorize us to debit future invoice payments from the account you designate — after providing you an invoice and awaiting your approval to debit your account — then you may save your account information as instructed on the next screen, or you may simply call or mail to provide us your routing and account number. All information is stored securely and encrypted according to strict banking standards.


Paper checks feel safer to many clients. Remember that these same numbers are prominently displayed on every paper check you write and circulate to perfect strangers with your full name and address preprinted, and a perfect ink specimen of your signature. Nearly all checks are digitized and processed electronically these days. Consider whether electronic payment with trusted third parties provides a potential thief with less information than a paper check provides, most particularly an ink specimen of your signature.

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